Saturday, November 9, 2013

Discovery Toys: Our cause: autism and special needs

Discovery Toys: Our cause: autism and special needs

It is our goal to deliver a rich personal experience to children with autism and special needs. Some of our greatest advocates are occupational therapists and special needs teachers and caregivers. Children with autism tend to experience several broad areas of significant difficulty. By identifying our products in our DT Catalogs that support development needs across the six general areas of difficulty, we make it easier for parents and caregivers to best support their own children’s learning and skill needs. We work closely with respected institutions and experts to develop and identify products each season that can help. Every toy in our catalog has an Autism Symbol that corresponds with the specific learning each toy supports.
Use the key below to choose the most appropriate toy for your child.
a – Toys to develop independent play with some limited instruction.
b – Toys that promote sustained engagement.
c – Toys that build skills for cooperative play.
d – Toys that create opportunities for children to talk about their play experience.
e – Toys with obvious completion criteria.
f – Toys that encourage pretend play. Many individuals prefer a specific Learning Style. Look for the
Learning Style symbols next to the age range for each of our products. Select products with Multiple Learning Styles to engage all the senses!
A – Auditory (Sound)
K – Kinesthetic (Touch & Movement)
V – Visual (Sight)

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